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Acupuncture MatTraditional acupuncture techniques have evolved into a more accessible in-home alternative, called acupressure.  Acupuncture mats are actually technically acupressure mats as they do not penetrate the skin’s surface but share the similarity that they target the qi channels or meridians that are believed to exist.

The acupressure mat is actually a modern day variation on the traditional Indian nail bed that was a corner stone of their culture and used not only for the treatment of emotional and physical ailments but also as an extremely important source of relaxation.  Modern alternatives are a lot less severe and obviously benefit from modern materials and improved knowledge.  This shares a rich history with the origins of acupuncture in ancient China.

Acupuncture mats are gaining popularity as a type of acupressure treatment. Acupressure mats claim a successful treatment rate in the mid ninety percentile. Acupuncture mats are popular globally as an excellent treatment for stress reduction, pain treatment and even to address depression issues.  There are multiple types of acupuncture mats currently on the market.  These include:

  • Spike Mats
  • Swedish Spike Mats
  • Russian Prickle Pad
  • Shakti Mats
Acupuncture mats usually have somewhere between five hundred to a thousand or more individual  spines  that will be used to apply pressure.  The beauty of the design of the acupressure mat is that it uses the weight of the user to apply the correct pressure as you lie on it.  If the feeling of the mat is uncomfortable initially, this is normal.  You will become more accustomed to the alien feeling very quickly and ultimately unleash an  endorphin flow similar to that of a “runner’s high” that will relieve the effect of body pain and often even induce a feeling of euphoria and peace.  Eventually you may even come to rely on your acupressure mat as a means to getting to sleep!

While not the cheapest alternative medicine option, acupuncture mats can be an inexpensive alternative or supplement to more traditional techniques for pain management.  It is important to realize when selecting an acupuncture mat, that they are designed to come in to direct contact with your skin.  It is therefore incredibly important to select a high quality mat with well secured spikes and an antibacterial coating.

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